15 years before getting into real estate I was buying and selling my own investment properties. For those same 15 years I had been an account manager with an international cabinet company catering to local and national home builders. My position involved initial meetings with clients, bidding and negotiating of contracts, design, option pricing, field measuring, coordinating with superintendents, ordering from our factory, scheduling delivery, scheduling installation and overseeing completion of each home. While some of my peers had 20-25 clients that awarded them about 50% of their business, I was able to produce an equal volume of business with an average of 7 clients that awarded me 80 -100% of their business. My success was a result of my genuine interest in my client’s needs, working towards their best interests and accepting full responsibility.

I didn’t know it, but I was preparing for a career in real estate all those years. Managing multiple transactions at once, negotiating, scheduling and customer service were all traits that would serve my future real estate clients well.

I knew I could provide a higher level of service to homeowners. Dealing with real estate agents in the purchasing and selling of my own properties I felt that most of those agents did not have my best interest at heart. I felt they were most interested in selling a home and collecting a commission, I didn’t feel they were interested in what was best for my family and myself. I live by the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”. I’ll take the time to listen about your situation and your goals. I’ll consult you on the best course of action and will present all the options to you.

Whether your anticipated home sale is a couple months or a couple years out Ruben will be happy to speak with you, hear about your situation, offer advice and provide a game plan to reach your real estate goals.